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I love south Indian food. One of the reasons why I agree to fly down even for one song is because I get to eat some really good food here. Be it the thaalis, idlis, dosas or the different varieties of chutneys — the food here is to die for. I'd been to Murugan Idli once and I had the softest idlis there.

Shreya Goshal - Playback Singer

News Courtesy: Times of India

Featured on the book '1001 restaurants you must experiece before you die'. The page on the book about the restaurant for you to read.

1001 restaurants you must experiece before you die

But let’s not get sidetracked. A list has been made. It’s in the form of the just-released book: ‘1001 restaurants you must experience before you die.’ And Chennai’s got a mention; two in fact. Dakshin at Park Sheraton and Murugan idli shop. A strange combination? Well, that’s the beauty of lists.

The Hindu - Metro Plus

October - 2014

Wowed by the fluffy, pillow-like steamed concoction of rice and lentils, Marie McEvoy plunges into gastronomic ecstasy at the last word for idlis: the Murugan Idli Shop.

Madurai Messenger

July - 2012

From one outlet in Madurai to a chain of restaurants in Chennai, S. Manoharan has taken the ubiquitous idli places. We get his recipe for success.

The Hindu - Metro Plus

March - 2011

The charm of hot idlies has spread and it is surely making waves all around the country

The Hindu - Downtown

January - 2005

The idli at Murugan is served with four different chutneys, the consistency in quality is the major draw as far as I am concerened
- Actor Prasana

The Hindu - Simply South

January - 2005

Murugan Idli Shop, known for its soft idlies and different chutnies extends its operations to Besant Nagar, Chennai.

The Hindu

May - 2005

The ultimate in jasmine is the Madurai Malli - Madurai is also the place from where the Mallipoo Idlis that are having chennai in a tizz originate.

The economic Times

February - 2004

Served with four types of chutneys on a plantain leaf, preserves the authenticity of the south indian cuisine.

Makkal Kural

April - 2004

Ranked Murugan Idli shop as one of the top restaurants in chennai. The idlies and the pongal bring huge volume of crowd.

The Outlook

June - 2004

My love is idli and idli only - says proudly Mr. Manoharan

Anandha Vikatan

August - 2003

When rice & lentils are mixed in the perfect ratio, well soaked, well ground and let fermented perfectly, only then one can get the outcome of such soft idlies.


October - 2003

Looking at the white steamy idlis on the plantain leaf of Murugan Idli Shop, I had a epiphanic moment when beauty and wisdom are revealed.

The Hindu

December - 2003

Those fluffy idlies, crispy uthappams, ghee dripping sweet pongal, and lip smacking coffee are worth the wait.

The New Indian Express

December - 2003
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