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About US


Vision & Mission

"To become the leading chain of restaurants serving South Indian Food."

-Our Vision

"We strive to deliver with consistency, authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes by using high-quality ingredients and with perfect recipe"

-Our Mission

Who we are & what we do?

Murugan Idli Shop was founded around two decades ago serving delicious, and mouth-watering vegetarian, South Indian dishes. Our consistency in delivering the tasty dishes which satisfy your taste buds is well-appreciated making us the favorite destination for Authentic South Indian foods. We follow consistency in all our braches’ decor, making our customers feel the same. We deliver top-notch food items with eye for nutrient value.

Our quality is experienced in all our branches. We have expanded our horizon to 3 countries and soon will establish in more countries fulfilling the hunger for authentic Sound Indian foods. We have both ambience and taste, reflecting the authentic South Indian dishes. Murugan Idli Shop has well-experienced chefs as our creative force who render the taste in all the dish which we offer.

About Our Founder

"Forty-five years ago my parents started the Murugan Coffee Nilayam in Madurai. It was a small-scale affair and the place served only coffee and snacks. And, then my mother started making idlis which became very popular"

-Mr. Manoharan

When S. Manoharan tried his hand at making idlis for the first time, little did he know that this unassuming South Indian speciality would make him famous. Now, 20 years later not just idlis but every other dish on his restaurant's menu is a hot seller. No points for guessing. Yes, it's the Murugan Idli Shop.

In 1991 he took over the business from his parents and added to the menu. “I introduced sambhar and four varieties of chutney, ghee pongal, sakkarai pongal, vada and jigarthanda,” he says. And in 2003 on the request of people in Chennai, he expanded his business, introducing the city to the taste of his fabulous idlis. “Before launching I did a survey as to what I should name the chain of restaurants. When I told my friends it will be called Murugan Idli Shop, they advised me not to use the word ‘shop' and instead replace it with ‘restaurant'. But I went ahead. It has a touch of simplicity and uniqueness to it. And now people ask me where I got this catchy name from,” he says.

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